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    6 tips for organising the perfect office Christmas Party

    • 16 August 2017
    • Author: Mike Hollinshead: Minister for office christmas parties - iFLY Manchester

    Organising the company Christmas party can be tough. It’s not easy keeping everyone happy and the event on budget. Whether it’s your first foray into organising an event or you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s important to remember the six ‘P’s; Planning and Preparation Prevent a Pretty Poor Party.

    Science field trips and writing stories: a modern combination

    • 14 October 2017
    • Author: Nick Wake: Marketing Director, iFLY UK

    In a recent article, Mike Hollinshead highlighted that the key to getting young people interested in pursuing a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is to help them learn through experience. In the United States, the iFLY champion doing exactly this, is Christina Soontorvant.

    Welcome to the stage: Virtual Skydive

    • 21 October 2017
    • Author: Nick Wake: Marketing Director, iFLY UK

    According to Mark Bridge, writing in the Times recently, virtual reality headsets could become the opera glasses of the 21st century, allowing concert goers at the back of the auditorium, with the help of a VR (virtual reality) headset, to take a front row seat, or even jump on stage with the band!

    Want to join our Club?

    • 18 June 2018
    • Author: Nick Wake: Marketing Director, iFLY UK

    "How do you bridge the gap between those who have decided indoor skydiving is ‘their thing’, but who are not going to become what we call Pro Flyers i.e. skydivers who buy tunnel time on account to help them perfect their flying skills?"