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    So you want to learn to back fly?

    • 9 September 2016
    • Author: Glen Wainwright: Instructor, iFLY Milton Keynes

    Discover the art of back-flying - that's flying in the tunnel on your back, rather than the standard face-down position.

    My journey to tunnel instructor

    • 28 November 2016
    • Author: Aimee Southwell: Instructor, iFLY Milton Keynes

    iFLY indoor skydiving instructor Aimee Southall describes her journey. The training is tough, but when you finally pass, the feeling is incredible

    Competing in Chicago 2016 - the perfect perk

    • 2 December 2016
    • Author: Sean Freeman: Assistant General Manager, iFLY Milton Keynes

    Sean Freeman, assistant General Manager at iFLY Milton Keynes, describes his perfect job perk - getting to compete at Chicago 2016

    This is not a thrill ride!

    • 28 October 2016
    • Author: Nick Wake: Marketing Director, iFLY UK

    Does this seem a strange thing to say about Indoor Skydiving? After all, is ‘thrilling’ not one of the most common adjectives we hear from customers after they have experienced the dream of flight for the first time?