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    Staying Indoors

    • 28 January 2019
    • Author: Nick Wake

    When the first commercial wind tunnels were built, they primarily served the needs of those who wanted to train and hone their skills for jumping outdoors. Fast forward twenty years or so and there's now a large group of folk who have now burning desire to fly outdoors.

    What flying means to me - Al Hodgson

    • 19 December 2018
    • Author: Al Hodgson

    Al Hodgson lost both legs while serving for the armed forces in Northern Ireland in 1992. In this article he describes how indoor skydiving has helped free him from his disability.

    Flying free from my disability

    • 26 February 2019
    • Author: Hannah Shelmerdine

    Hannah Shelmerdine describes how indoor skydiving at iFLY liberates her from her disability. Hannah has has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and severe visual impairment.

    One Young Flyer's experience at the UK Nationals

    • 13 April 2019
    • Author: Proud parent Andy King

    Aged 7, Emily decided she wanted to be coached so she could achieve IBA pro-flyer status and enter competitions. Emily had spent a lot of time flying with Zac Nicholas and the two of them had developed a great rapport and an extensive language of hand signals to communicate inside the tunnel.

    iFLY Relaunches STEM School Packages

    • 14 May 2019
    • Author: Cressida Bullock - Managing Director at Fun Science

    Fun Science and iFLY have teamed up to redevelop their STEM school sessions for kids. Find out more here.