ALL Abilities CAN FLY!

Individuals and groups with additional needs or requirements CAN FLY. If you or someone you know finds it difficult to participate in able-bodied activities but still wants to be challenged, Indoor Skydiving might just be the perfect thing. 

With the help of our experienced team, we can make what might seem impossible... possible!

Meet iFLY's Inclusivity Ambassadors

As part of iFLY’s mission to welcome flyers of all abilities, we have appointed two Inclusivity Ambassadors.

Our ambassadors both represent and champion the all abilities nature of Indoor Skydiving, working with local companies, charities, and associations to break down the barriers of what is seen as possible, and deliver the dream of flight to everyone.

We’re proud to name our Inclusivity Ambassadors as:

  • Glen Mills and her husband Brian
  • Al Hodgson

BBC features Indoor Skydiving for ALL Abilities.

Television presenter, Mike Bushell from BBC Breakfast visits iFLY Basingstoke to discover how the sport of Indoor Skydiving has changed the life of Glen Mills, and Al Hodgson who live with a disability.