Record Breaker!

29 May 2018

Written by: Nick Wake: Marketing Director, iFLY UK

Last Sunday the team at iFLY Milton Keynes were thrilled to welcome their oldest ever flyer to the wind tunnel. Eva Lewis, a fearless great-grandmother, was joined in the tunnel by three generations of family members who organised the cross-generational skydive as a special gift for Eva’s 102nd birthday.

Eva was unquestionably the star of the show.Although this was the first time she had tried indoor skydiving, Eva is no stranger to thrill-seeking experiences. For her 101st birthday, she enjoyed an acrobatic aeroplane flight in a Spitfire. When asked after her flight if she would do it again, Eva said "Yes, another 3 or 4 goes should be enough to really get the hang of it". What a gal!

Eva's relience and determination to keep on living life to the max is an example to us all. Do we choose to grow old gracefully and quietly, or do we decide that we will refuse to let age be a barrier to exploring new experiences? At iFLY we know which side of the coin we intend to land on.

Thank you Eva. You are a sheer inspiration.