Why iFLY really is the Tunnel of Love

25 January 2017

Written by: Nick Wake - Marketing Director, iFLY UK

Did you know that romance and indoor skydiving have a deep and long lasting connection? It’s true.

With Valentine’s day just a few weeks away, once again we are reaching for those posters with the Love is in the Air (everywhere I look around) headlines. Yes, it’s time for that tunnel of love campaign to be rolled out once more. 

We love it (no pun intended). What brand doesn’t want to be connected with romance? In fact, at this time of year, two question always seem to spring to mind. The first is: will we get any wedding proposals on Valentine’s day itself? Those searching for unusual places to get engaged, should look no further.

We estimate, on average, we get about half a dozen wedding proposals a year in the wind tunnel. It should be more, shouldn’t it? I mean, she’s hardly going to say no is she, while suspended on a bed of air at around 70mph? “No? What do you mean no? Right that’s it. Full power please mate. Blow her out the roof!”

On a more serious note, we do always get super excited when the proposer - and so far, it’s always been the man - gets in touch with us, to talk about how we might ‘assist’ with the proposal. The most popular (and reliable) approach, is for our instructor to manoeuvre the bride to be (assuming she will say ‘yes’) into a flying position where they can see their soon to be finance, down on bended knee outside the tunnel, holding up a sign with the big question on it: Will you marry me? It’s always highly amusing to see the recipient’s reaction, while all the time trying to maintain a stable body position! Fortunately, a brief and enthusiastic nod is all that’s required. Only when the freshly engaged lady finally exits the airlock, can the more animated celebrations ensue. One thing is for sure – these occasions are always happy days at iFLY.

The second question is: when are we going to get someone to have another crack at breaking the world record for the longest kiss in the wind tunnel? It was on the 30th June 2014, that our very own iFLY (Airkix at the time) lovebirds Matt Lippert and Terri Cass set the record by staying lip-locked for a snogtastic 31 minutes and four seconds, while battling 110mph winds at iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Manchester. Two other couples simultaneously attempted the feat at the iFLY tunnels in Milton Keynes and Basingstoke, but neither had the staying power of our Manchester duo.

Two years later, it all seems more than worthwhile. Matt has also been down on one knee and he and Terri are planning their own wedding. We can’t say it started with a kiss, but maybe it was a record breaking meeting of the lips that sealed the deal?

If you’re looking to put some wind in the sails of romance this Valentine’s season, get on down to the tunnel of love. Anyone proposing at the tunnel on Valentine’s this year, will get their flight on us!