10 gifts we don’t want at Christmas

20 November 2016

Written by: Nick Wake: Marketing Director, iFLY UK

‘Tis the season to be jolly. But only until you get yet another dull Christmas present! 
We asked the team at iFLY Indoor Skydiving in the UK, to name their most unexciting Christmas gifts…the ones they have silently, and in some cases, not so silently, groaned at receiving on December 25th. 

Bear in mind, our crew is young, adventurous and not afraid to let rip into dull gifts. Here’s what got the thumbs down:

1. Jumpers
Yes, no surprises here. Our least favourite present is the jumper. Our ‘too cool for school’ crew wouldn’t be seen dead in any kind of knitwear. It’s Hoodies, Ts, Vests and skin tight instructor suits all the way. Beyond that, only gear with a trendy surf label is deemed acceptable.

There’s one exception to the rule. We love supporting charities, so Christmas Jumper Day gets the thumbs up.

2. Socks
Yep, no surprises here either. They just don’t go with the flip flops…..

3. Chocolates
A little bit of controversy here. There are plenty of people in the team who are partial to chocolate. It’s just well….it’s not very imaginative at Christmas is it? Particularly when the third tub of Cadbury’s Heroes has just been emptied in the team room.

4. Underwear
Always a tricky one. Not just dull, but high risk too. So many things to think about: colours, cuts, styles and brands? One person’s Sloggis can be another person’s M&S briefs – what more can I say? Best just stop right here.

5. Toiletry gift sets
Yes, buying Lynx toiletry gift sets for anyone older than a teenager is just not good anymore. If they haven’t found the main inside them by 19, they never will. A nice perfume for a lady can, of course, be a real winner, but unless informed by reliable inside knowledge, is a choice fraught with danger. Besides, you’re not saying we smell are you?

6. A Diary
Does anybody under fifty years of age still use these? Besides, who’s planning? An iFLY instructor tends to have two mottos: live for today and let’s go fly!

7. Autobiographies
No time to read. Too busy looking at videos of cool flyers.

8. Scarf
Already got three. But let me just check the label first….

9. Handkerchief
Already got ten. And I read somewhere they’re not that hygienic…right?

10. Toothbrush
Seriously? This is not even acceptable in an office Secret Santa!
So, there you have it, the iFLY UK team’s top ten unwanted Christmas presents. It’s not that we’re not grateful, it’s just that…..well, we like a little more adventure in our lives.

How about you? Want to avoid dull Christmas presents this year? You know where to come.