What do I need to bring with me on the day?

Firstly, we ask that every flyer completes a 'declaration of risk', available at sor.iflyworld.co.uk, before arrival. It is particularly important that you take note of the information regarding previously dislocated shoulders. 

If your flight experience was originally purchased through one of our Gift Experience partners or a Gift Voucher company (and not directly through iFLY), you should also bring the original gift voucher that was issued to you. Without these, you'll be unable to fly.

Please arrive at iFLY comfortably dressed (avoid collars and hoods) and bring a pair of well fitting lace-up trainers. We find that jeans, t-shirt and a pair of skate/running shoes are ideal. If you don't have a pair of lace-up trainers, don't worry, we do have appropriate footwear for hire for £2.95.

If you have long hair we recommend bringing something to tie it up and maybe a brush.

You should be prepared to remove all loose items and all items of jewellery before flying.Whilst we do have basic lockers on site, we suggest leaving valuable items at home for real peace of mind.