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Our mission is to deliver the dream of flight to everyone...and we mean EVERYONE! CAN FLY!

Individuals and groups with additional needs or requirements CAN FLY. If you or someone you know finds it difficult to participate in able-bodied activities but still wants to be challenged, Indoor Skydiving might just be the perfect thing. 

With the help of our experienced team, we can make what might seem impossible... possible!

Meet iFLY's Inclusivity Ambassadors

As part of iFLY’s mission to welcome flyers of all abilities, we have appointed two Inclusivity Ambassadors.

Our ambassadors both represent and champion the all abilities nature of Indoor Skydiving, working with local companies, charities, and associations to break down the barriers of what is seen as possible, and deliver the dream of flight to everyone.

We’re proud to name our Inclusivity Ambassadors as:
Glen Mills and her husband Brian – read Glen’s story here
Al Hodgson – read Al’s story here

BBC features Indoor Skydiving for ALL Abilities.

Television presenter, Mike Bushell from BBC Breakfast visits iFLY Basingstoke to discover how the sport of Indoor Skydiving has changed the life of Glen Mills, and Al Hodgson who live with a disability.

    iFLY is proud to work with Ablenet Accessible Experiences, as iFLY's official disabilities provider  

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What others say

"Our office day out at iFLY was a real treat and we were extremely well looked after by the highly professional staff. As a quadriplegic wheelchair user I am unable to stand or hold on to anything. Despite this the team were truly confident they could get me to fly. This they did in an efficient and professional manner and at no time did I feel worried by my experience. What I did feel was an incredible sense of liberation of being held in the air face down for the first time in nearly 30 years, free of my wheelchair. It was truly exhilarating.Thank you to all at iFLY for giving us such a great day."

David Constantine, MBE, Co-founder and President of Motivation.

“I just wanted to congratulate you on your accessibility for Deaf People. I am the Manager of the Deaf Academy supporting over 30 D/deaf students. I was particularly impressed by the Signed (BSL Interpreted) and subtitled briefing and instructional video. It is rare to find a company that has this level of accessibility."

Louise Timms, Walsall College.

"It's hard to put into real terms how this experience has helped each of the individuals in their rehabilitation journey dealing with sight loss."

Mark Hollis, Blind Veterans UK.

"What an amazing experience from start to finish. As a disabled lady, it was so refreshing to be treated as an individual but still very much included within the group. Nothing was a problem for the staff, and they made the whole experience effortless and nothing phased them regarding my disability. Thank you so much, I can't wait to come back in the future."

Hannah Shelmerdine - Facebook.

I’m a quadruple amputee and recently went to iFLY with my family and other amputees. They took amazing care of us, I had the most amazing experience, and so did everyone else. I highly recommend it!

Kim - Tripadvisor

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