iFLY 360 Virtual Reality Experience

Using state-of-the-art Virtual Reality technology, combine an Indoor Skydive with the thrill of a simulated ‘real’ skydive from a plane.

Where will you skydive?

Choose from up to 9 different scenes and iconic locations, including:

  • Dubai - Skydive over the world's most spectacular man-made island
  • Hawaii - Be stunned as you fly above the crystal clear waters of the North Pacific
  • Swiss Alps - Descend between vertical valleys of rock and ice

Or try a simulation of an experience what only a handful of skilled flyers do each year - an Alpine wingsuit base jump! Dare to make a leap of faith off a cliff and soar like a bird? 

VR Packages include:

  • Full equipment hire - flight suit, VR helmet & goggles
  • Instruction throughout
  • 2 indoor skydives + 1 VR skydive
  • Flight certificate

Need to know stuff:

  • Available for flyers of 8+ years
  • Experience is for 1 person
  • Note: Removal of spectacles (if applicable) may be required

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