Is there a weight limit for Indoor Skydiving?

Yes, anyone with reasonable health & fitness can participate in Indoor Skydiving, but our upper weight limit is 18 stone and 7 pounds (117kg).

We do ask that you check the list of criteria below before booking. If you are concerned about any of the criteria, just contact us for a chat, we'll do everything we can to help you fly.

You can fly at iFLY as long as you:

  • Do not weigh more than 18 stone and 7 pounds (117kg). 
  • Are 3 or above (you must be able to comfortably wear one of our helmets).
  • Are NOT pregnant.
  • Have NOT previously dislocated your shoulder.
  • Are NOT under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.
  • Are NOT wearing a hard cast.
  • Have signed permission from a parent or guardian if under 18 years of age.
  • Have completed our Pre-Flight Waiver.

There is no minimum weight limit for Indoor Skydiving.