Earn Your Wings

About Earn Your Wings

Earn Your Wings contains 6 simple levels. Starting at White Wings, flyers will demonstrate basic stable flying before they progress through Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and Red Wings.

Wings will guide you on your journey to mastering Indoor Skydiving. On the way you'll learn to fly all 3 directions of movement, flying with others, back flying, transitions, then finally playing games and sit flying. At this point, your skills will be sufficiently advanced to take part in wind tunnel competitions and perform flips and ticks.

Further details

Earn Your Wings draws heavily on the 'belts' systems used in martial arts, where milestones are clear to understand and a form of celebration is attached to each new level of achievement. Novice flyers can earn White Wings by simply demonstrating a stable flying position. For some this may even happen on their first experience. Below you'll find out what's required to gain each Wings award.

Welcome to the journey, and your first point of celebration, as you demonstrate how to hold a relaxed and neutral body position with minimal assistance.

This is where most flyers show serious control as you perfect the neutral position and start to control the '3 directions of movement'; flying up & down, forward & back and across the tunnel. Very cool.

Now you are really gaining confidence and about to fly with others. You are becoming comfortable with variations in wind speed, flying higher than ever before and instinctively adjusting your body position.

A whole new world is about to open up as you flip over to flying on your back. It won't be long before you are as comfortable on your back as you are on your belly, whilst you fly and turn in all directions. 

From flips to tricks as you learn to fly transitions between your belly and back positions. At this level, you'll start to mimic and 'follow the leader' whilst you continue to fly with others. 

At this point your proficiency is high enough to start playing games in the airflow such as 'Tunnel Ball'. This rapidly improves flying skills and is loads of fun too. It's also time to familiarise yourself with a new 'vertical' orientation leading to sit flying and more advanced transitions.