What it feels like to defy gravity

2 September 2016

Written by: Rebekah Shutt: Design and Marketing Exec, iFLY UK

I remember the first time I stepped into a wind tunnel, my heart was racing and my body was tense but the amazing feeling of adrenaline, mixed with a freedom like no other soon took over. You can really get why flying becomes a way of life for some people. Whether they are a skydiver, a pilot, a wing suit flyer, a BASE jumper… it’s all about that feeling of freedom, being able to defy gravity and think about nothing else other than what you are doing in that moment.

Such love and passion can come at a risk, the fear of the fall versus the fear of not pushing yourself to be better, braver and bolder, with experiences that leave imprints on your memories for years to come. Those who seek out that feeling don’t regret the things they did, they regret the things they didn’t do when they had the chance. That is an outlook I’d be proud to live by, whether I am defying gravity or stood with the earth firmly beneath my feet.

We live in a wonderful world where so much is possible. Explore it with us here, through some amazing stories of some incredible people. People like Ty Baird, a truly unforgettable soul, a fearless flyer and an inspiration to so many. He was never happier then when he defying gravity.