Meet iFLY UK instructor, Daisy Bradshaw

28 November 2018

Written by: Nick Wake: Marketing Director, iFLY UK

Daisy Bradshaw is the latest recruit at iFLY UK to prove that working as an indoor skydiving instructor is far from being an all male affair. Here's a brief introduction to Daisy and what she enjoys about life at the wind tunnel. 
When did you know you wanted to be an instructor?
I grew up in Spain about 15 min away from a Drop Zone and Tunnel but it wasn't till I started working for the tunnel that I wanted to be an l instructor. I've always be physically creative and trained to be a professional dancer from the age of 13, when I tried the tunnel for the first time I found a new medium in which to perform and fell in love with it. I was offered the opportunity to become an instructor in 2015 in a new wind tunnel in Bahrain. Gravity Indoor Skydiving where specifically looking for female instructors so I jumped at the opportunity.
What is it about instructing that you really enjoy?
It's such a unique career and fun environment to work in. The thing I enjoy the most is helping people overcome their nervousness and get the most out of the experience.
What is the toughest part of being instructor?
It is physically and mentally very demanding. You need be as energetic and fresh for the first customer to the last so it's important to look after your health and well being on a daily basis. Injuries can occur if you're not careful so I make sure I get as much rest as possible and I include stretching into my daily routine.
What has been your best in-tunnel moment?
The first time I was able to comfortably follow another flyer in the tunnel and mirror their movements. Flying can be a great confidence booster!
What advice would you give anyone who was interested in instructing?
Flying and instructing takes time and perseverance. My advice to anyone would be to have as much patience as possible, its a long  and sometimes frustrating process, so you have to be prepared to put in the time.
How do you enjoy spending time when you're not in the wind tunnel?
At the moment I do a fair amount of stretching and meditation to compensate the high paced work environment. Travelling is also something I love and just generally trying to live a healthy lifestyle.
Who or what has been your biggest influence in your career to date?
My biggest influence would have to be my work colleagues, old and new. They are the ones you spend most time with and they have definitely influenced me, my instructing and my flying in their own different ways.
Daisy is currently working at iFLY Basingstoke