iFLY’s Disability Experience Partner - Ablenet

28 October 2019

Written by: Paul Ashurst

Are you physically or mentally disabled or have impaired eyesight?

Do you know anyone who is? Ablenet is here for you.

As the only UK company offering tailored experiences, great products and a growing hub for those of us with disabilities of all types, we are proud to be the Disability Experience Partner of iFLY.

About Ablenet

I’m a wheelchair user of 4 years, with a continuing desire to try new experiences. I quickly realised that it is difficult with a disability to find fun and exciting activities to enjoy with my family, other than the usual visit to a museum or park. (And please don’t get me started on the troubles I had trying to find a cool looking wheelchair or great products!!)

So, I created Ablenet.co.uk. The only National website offering tailored experiences and products to people with disabilities of all types and ages.

Why iFLY

Having seen iFLY's Inclusivity Ambassador Glen Mills flying on the BBC in February 2019, I reached out to iFLY, as they seemed the perfect partner of Ablenet; an experience provider who are able to fully embrace those with disabilities, offering them the same experience as any other flyer.

Indoor skydiving had never occurred to me as an all abilities friendly activity, and it wasn’t until I visited the Manchester venue and met the team that I realised how seriously they take inclusivity, and how the experience can be enjoyed by anyone, of any age or ability.

The onsite team invited me to fly there and then, and my eyes were opened to the appeal this exhilarating experience holds. It was something I simply had to share with Ablenet customers, and I’m thrilled to now endorse iFLY Indoor Skydiving as an all abilities activity and offer it as a bookable experience through Ablenet.

Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple:

  • We want to enable more disabled people to experience new, fun and exhilarating activities.
  • We want to help people with enjoy the same activities and life experiences as someone without a disability.
  • We want disabled people to have access to new and cool products which were made for someone with a zest for life.

Our Experiences

Our great new partnership with iFLY has been formed with Jonathan Sidgwick, National Accounts Manager at iFLY. Booking through Ablenet, iFLY are committed to making their amazing experience available to people of all abilities. Their staff and instructors spend as much time and care as necessary to ensure the indoor skydiving experience is as exhilarating and memorable as it can be.

Check out our launch video to see how much fun you could be having.

You can also view our great experiences at www.ablenet.co.uk including Supercar driving for the disabled and those with impaired eyesight, Ziplining, Rally car driving and much more.

Please like us on Facebook at @ablenetuk where regular updates, new competitions and launches are added first. Alternatively, send us an email at info@ablenet.co.uk

We would love to hear from you.