Future Directions Inclusivity Event

26 July 2019

Written by: Glen Mills - iFLY Inclusivity Ambassador

In 2015 I took my first flight in the wind tunnel and was immediately hooked.  At that stage, MS had greatly stifled my mobility but I still enjoyed my flight and revelled in the fact that contact with the wind reduced the pain to a very low level. Since then I have flown on a weekly basis and I still find it difficult to believe the difference it has made in my life.  I have had to rely greatly on my husband Brian for help with things that are still too much for me, but that has set us both thinking about the possibility of proving to people with disabilities, be they physical or mental, that exciting things are available.

The instructors are well trained to handle all situations and have helped me to become able to fly around the tunnel on my own – such a thrill!

For a long time now Brian and I have been anxious to find a way of introducing disadvantaged people of all ages to this hobby, then in February of this year, iFLY made us Inclusivity Ambassadors which has given us the opportunity to host events for all abilities associations who might otherwise not have considered the possibilities of Indoor Skydiving.

Last month we entertained a large party from Future Directions, a company which arranges constant stimulation to their charges, and the whole thing turned out to be a very happy and successful experience.

We asked Paula Braynion, Managing Director of Future Directions, to provide her feedback on the event:

“The instructors were fantastic, they were patient and caring and offered words of encouragement when our nerves got the better of us!  iFLY and Future Directions share the same belief that disability shouldn’t stand in the way of people achieving their dreams.  With creative thinking and being adaptable, solutions were found and obstacles were removed, enabling everyone to take part in this fantastic opportunity.”

The Future Directions team made a video of their iFLY experience which is a great example of the inclusive nature of Indoor Skydiving: Check the video out here.

After the event, Paula was kind enough to write to us directly:

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Glen and Brian – Ambassadors for iFLY, the amazing instructors and iFLY staff for arranging this fabulous opportunity for the people we support and for making it a day to remember!  It is so important to make a positive difference in people’s lives and to support people to live out their dreams.  When people and organisations who share the same vision and values work together, amazing opportunities are created, such as this Indoor Skydiving event.  It was evident by the smiles that everyone had a fantastic time and truly enjoyed themselves.  Thank you for making a difference.”

If you’ve ever had a special dream come true then you will understand how we felt for days afterwards.  Now it’s on to planning the next!

Find out more about all abilities at iFLY Indoor Skydiving here.