Breaking barriers and pushing the limits

16 August 2022

Breaking barriers and pushing the limits

Here at iFLY, we have a saying: Wind is the great equalizer. Indoor skydiving is accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and sizes. Once you’re in the wind tunnel, everything else falls away.

To encourage people of all abilities to take to the tunnels and the skies and overcome their limitations, iFLY proudly named Al Hodgson as one of our Inclusivity Ambassadors. Al works with iFLY to advocate for and spread the word about the accessibility of indoor skydiving.

Al recently joined Reverend Richard Coles at iFLY Milton Keynes to talk about dealing with grief through unconventional means for channel 4’snew documentary, Good Grief. The documentary follows Reverend Richard Coles as he tries adrenaline-pumping adventures and new experiences to find positivity and joy through the bereavement process. He and Al took to the iFLY wind tunnel and found something to smile about. 

You can check out Al on Good Grief on All 4

As a former paratrooper and double amputee, Al is no stranger to overcoming obstacles and hardships. His injuries never hold him back – instead, they push him to new heights. Through sheer hard work and motivation, along with the right attitude, Al now excels in adrenaline-packed challenges, from rowing 66 nautical miles to hiking in the Himalayas. 

Video of Everest trek

Al never wanted to live a typical life, and after suffering his devastating injuries, he dealt with his grief by dedicating himself to pushing his physical boundaries. In spite of his limitations, Al sought out adventure and began skydiving. With over 8,000 skydives under his belt, he is also a 7-time indoor skydiving British Champion along with his steadfast wife Pixie, where they were part of an incredible freestyle team. 

It doesn’t stop there…Al works with Pilgrim Bandits, a charity for military and rehabilitation centres started by his close friend and mentor, Matt Hellier. The charity focuses on helping veterans overcome injuries and the grief surrounding loss by getting them into adrenaline-fuelled adventures. For his next adventure with Pilgrim Bandits, Al and his team will cycle from Colchester to Arnham this September – that’s a total of 120 miles!

Interested in donating to the Pilgrim Bandits? Visit this link

Heads-up: Al typically trains at iFLY Manchester – keep an eye out for this whirlwind of a fighter! 

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