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“I found the whole experience fascinating. I learnt to appreciate how much skill is involved. Above all I was impressed with how serious your set up is with the briefing both before and after the experience. Well done, I will definitely be back next time I visit with MK hopefully with some friends too.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 47, Buckinghamshire, 12 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“One of the best things i've done this year, can't wait to come back again soon.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 22, Derbyshire, 11 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“There isn't anything about the actual experience but if there was a way having a coffee area where you could sit more comfortably and watch the flyers in front of you would be great,”

“Tom (Hill) our instructor was fantastic!! Mixing good humour with fabulous instruction is a skill in itself but he was also so attentive to everyone and made sure that no one felt they had done really badly and gave really constructive feedback. We will definitely be back again despite the 2 hour travelling time we wouldn't go to any other Airkix site the experience at Milton Keynes is just too good. THANK YOU for a fabulous experience.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 23, Wiltshire, 11 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“No i had the greatest experience”

“Amazing instructors ted, amazing experience. Already paid to return asap!”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 22, Lincolnshire, 10 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“Yes was great . Made the whole experience really enjoyable. Thank you very much”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 50, Northamptonshire, 10 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“Gregory was a fantastic instructor and knew exactly what he was doing and how to talk to people before and after the flight.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 19, Essex, 9 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“Absolutely loved my first time at Airkixx cannot wait to fly again soon”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 27, Lancashire, 9 September 2016 at Manchester


“Maybe suggest people turn up a little early, if they can, so that they get the benefit of seeing how it works with the previous group?”

“Loved all of it. I was a little nervous at the start but Anthony was great and wen high flying without hesitation. Brilliant time had by myself and my dad.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 38, Surrey, 8 September 2016 at Basingstoke


“Possibly partner deals for couples. We were more than happy with the deal we purchased”

“A silver citizen who was a first time flyer. The whole process from booking in at reception to the intro with the instructor and the flight itself were fantastic,well done everyone at Airkix. The group of strangers to who we were placed were very supportive I've never seen so many smiles from flyers & onlookers alike.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 58, Tyne and Wear, 8 September 2016 at Manchester


“Great experience”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 29, Buckinghamshire, 8 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“Nope it was perfect”

“One of the best experiences ever and a great thing to do with friends”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 10, Lancashire, 8 September 2016 at Manchester


“Had great fun and Jimmy had plenty of time and care for our group.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 66, Surrey, 8 September 2016 at Basingstoke


“Really enjoyed my first time flying. I was a little nervous at first but the instructor but me at ease and made me feel safe. I would go back again.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 29, Cheshire, 8 September 2016 at Manchester


“more minutes for individual”

“Very supportive staff with good instruction”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 51, Cheshire, 8 September 2016 at Manchester


“We had a great time at Airkix Manchester. Our instructor was brilliant and we will definitely be returning.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 29, Lancashire, 8 September 2016 at Manchester


“Brilliant day, brilliant experience! Loved every minute of it - we haven't stopped smiling. Will remember for always. Thank you Chris and the Airkix Manchester team. Blessings, Karen and Steve BA”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 56, Devon, 8 September 2016 at Manchester


“First flight, not very good with heights (or flying). Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even the high flight extra! May be back, if my heartrate ever goes down and I stop sweating! Magic!!! ”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 61, Yorkshire, 7 September 2016 at Manchester


“Just more time in the Tunnel!”

“Chris was lovely and looked after us both! Really enjoyed the experience, felt totally different to a Tandem Skydive, but would definitely do it again!”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 22, West Midlands, 7 September 2016 at Manchester


“From a spectator point of view, as I was on this occasion, whilst being able to actually see the flights is great in itself, I found the taking of any personal photographs/video gave very disappointing results due mainly to the state of the glass in the tunnel and the amount of reflective light/daylight in the viewing gallery. I appreciate that you do offer photos and video footage on DVD for purchase as taken from inside the tunnel, but not everyone can afford all the extras or necessarily want/like the particular images on offer. In the absence of any decent photos of your own you are then faced with settling for buying one that you're not entirely happy with just to have a momento of the day.”

“Our instructor on the day, Ted Foster, was very good both in his training, assistance during the flights and his debrief feedback. He helped ensure that both my children got the most out of their experience, to the extent that they were both keen to go again and I have purchased return flight vouchers for them.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 15, Bedfordshire, 7 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“I brought my daughter to Basingstoke for a flight. She is severely disabled and it proved to be a brilliant experience. And it was a real pleasure to watch everyone else have a good time too.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 11, Sussex, 7 September 2016 at Basingstoke


“Excellent flying instructor (Michael Perks) and facilities/resources; provoking many more enjoyable sessions.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 16, London, 6 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“Maybe make the glass mirror glass so the participants can see themselves flying and adjust any faults”

“Ryan was a brilliant instructor and I had a wonderful day!!”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 65, Glamorgan/Morgannwg, 6 September 2016 at Basingstoke


“Build another wind tunnel thingy, so you can get more people on at once ”

“Rhys was awesome! ;) Kieran Twaites”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 14, Surrey, 6 September 2016 at Basingstoke


“Everything was perfect as it was.”

“Darren the instructor was great, made everything very relaxed, easy and fun!”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 42, Essex, 6 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“Indoor airdiving was the best thing I ever done in my life! Will definitely come back and already recommended to my friends and colleagues!”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 34, Hampshire, 6 September 2016 at Basingstoke


“Magic fun, totally addictive ? Thanx Airkix”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 44, Argyllshire, 6 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“Maybe being able to buy a video of your flight rather than just photos, but the whole experience is amazing”

“This was my second visit, (I first flew in May this year) and I was so much more relaxed this time as my instructor informed us that he was very experienced, he was knowledgeable, answered questions & was confident which in turn made me feel confident in flying with him. My two children were flying for the first time too & I felt they were in safe hands! Great instructor!”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 47, Essex, 6 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“Excellent day, brilliant staff.”

“Amazing day out, best day of the summer holidays, easy to find, great staff, great atmosphere. Thank you all.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 10, Hertfordshire, 6 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


“Great experience loved it!! Definitely be going back , if you love a adrenaline rush this is it...”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 36, Northamptonshire, 5 September 2016 at Milton Keynes



“Tom was a fantastic instructor, really felt safe. It was fun and the feedback was unexpected but really thoughtful! I was nervous before going in, but you don't need to be. Everyone was so friendly, I will be brining my son for a treat.”

First-time non-skydiver, aged 48, Cambridgeshire, 5 September 2016 at Milton Keynes


About iFly

iFly is the new name for Airkix. We are the leading operators of indoor skydiving tunnels throughout the world, with 3 indoor skydiving locations in the UK.

If you are new to iFly, then take a look at our indoor skydiving in 60 seconds page.

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About indoor skydiving

Indoor Skydiving at iFLYThe unforgettable sensation of flying awaits you at iFLY, a sensation that few people ever get to experience. But at iFLY we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience flying. With three centres offering indoor skydiving, in Basingstoke, Manchester and Milton Keynes, wherever you are in the UK you're never too far away from the sheer joy of human flight.

Safe and fun, our highly qualified and experienced indoor skydiving instructors will teach you how to fly, step by step.

Once you've discovered the thrill of an indoor skydive with iFLY, you'll understand why so many people come back time and time again. If you're looking for the best indoor sky diving in the UK, look no further than iFLY.

Body flying

Indoor skydiving is also known as body flight or body flying and iFLY Milton Keynes was the first of its kind in Europe, with iFLY Manchester the second and iFLY Basingstoke the third. It's no wonder then, that iFLY offers the most exciting and advanced body flying experience available in the UK today, one that people from across the country have come to try and love.

Once you’ve sampled body flying in Basingstoke, Manchester or Milton Keynes with iFLY, you’ll soon realise why we're known as the Smile Factory, giving everyone aged 4-104 the opportunity to experience the thrill of flying. You'll soon learn how to gain total control of your flying, grasping the bodyflying basics of moving up, down, forwards, backwards, sideways and turning.

When you consider that the introductory Kix-start experience provides you with three times the freefall of a tandem skydive at a fraction the price, you'll see why so many come back to experience the thrill of bodyflight again and again as they become one of our Pro-flyers.

Wind tunnel

Indoor skydiving or bodyflight can only happen in a vertical wind tunnel. If you've heard about the thrill that the iFLY Vertical wind tunnels in Basingstoke (opening Summer 2013), Manchester and Milton Keynes offer, now is the time to find out what all the excitement is about. Vertical wind tunnel skydiving has many advantages over an (outdoor) skydive; it's not weather dependent, it's far more affordable and anyone aged 4 to 104 in reasonable physical condition can fly.

At iFLY, your wind tunnel experience will be guided by one of our highly skilled and experienced instructors, teaching you the basics of wind tunnel flying. Once you've mastered the key flying skills you'll be able to try more advanced manoeuvres and you'll probably want to book additional flying time too as you become one of our Pro-flyers enjoying even lower rates. For the ultimate UK wind tunnel, look no further than iFLY.

Corporate team building

Indoor skydiving offers the ultimate corporate team building event and unlike many corporate team building events in the UK, iFLY offers a truly unique and memorable way to bring your team together. The process of learning the key skills of body flight together as a group is guaranteed to bond your team and the common experience is likely to be talked about for a long time afterwards.

Special team building ideas are often hard to come by but the iFLY experience presents your team with something quite different. Traditional corporate team building activities have all been done, now is the time to break out of the box and try something quite new and unique.

The feeling of flying at an iFLY centre in Basingstoke, Manchester or Milton Keynes is sure to put a smile on everyone's face. For a corporate team building day unlike any you've had before, why not get in touch with iFLY today?


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