The NHS Flight Bank

By: Trevor Haines

Rewind to March 2020. A phone call. The boss. Again.

Covid-19 was here. Many challenges ahead. 

One of those, said the boss, was to make the NHS smile. Hmmm.

Back to the team. Any ideas?

Yes. Tons.

From them, the NHS Flight Bank was born.

It's important to take a moment here. The incredible energy shown by just about every member of the iFLY team, not just when probing for ideas to help the NHS, but in general. The current circumstances mean we are temporarily closed, many are furloughed and the shape of the 'new world' that awaits post Covid-19 is largely uncertain. The level of pride I have in this team's resilience, optimism and sheer determination is a source of inspiration. The fact that, in these difficult times, they created, developed and launched the NHS Flight Bank is something I'm immensely proud of.

The Flight Bank is our way of saying "cheers." We all want to give something back. Using iFLY as the platform, we can do that. 

In short, at no extra cost to customers, we donate flights. Those flights go into a Flight Bank. They are claimed (free of charge) by NHS workers. Right now, over £1000 worth of flight vouchers have already been claimed, but it's just the start.

All the details, as well as a short video, can be found here. 

Whilst I'm proud of the iFLY team, I'm also full of admiration for our technology partners, Semantic and Fusemetrix, whose ongoing support is greater than we could ever imagine. In the spirit of this initiative, both supported us with free of charge IT developments and significant donations to the Flight Bank itself. No surprises why we've worked collectively for well over 10 years. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such formidable and loyal partners.

Finally, we'd love you to get involved with the NHS Flight Bank and to come and fly when we re-open.

It won't be too long before iFLY and the NHS are breaking the smiles-per-hour limit. Be a part of it!