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Andy's journey to 5,000 jumps

Andy Godwin, General Manager at iFLY Milton Keynes, recently celebrated a milestone in skydiving when he completed his 5,000th skydive. We thought we should find out a little bit more about what took Andy on this amazing journey. Here's what he had to say.

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Record Breaker!

102 year old Eva Lewis proves that age should never be a barrier

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Innovation in the wind tunnel: How we created this year's Christmas radio advert

Let’s face it, conveying the sheer exhilaration of Indoor Skydiving via photo or video isn’t the toughest of challenges. Sure, there’s a whole bunch of things to get right; great lighting, a wide smile, rippling skin, a thumbs up and of course a subject soaring gracefully above the cable net floor. Nail those, and it’s safe to say the viewer will know that a visit to iFLY is fun, fun, fun!

But what happens when your medium is sound only?

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My journey to tunnel instructor

My name is Aimee and I have been skydiving and working in the industry since 2010. Prior to working as a tunnel instructor, I worked full time at a numerous drop zones as a camera and tandem instructor.

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Competing in Chicago 2016 - the perfect perk

Being able to compete for team GB, because of the skills I’ve inherited from working at iFLY, has to be one of the ultimate perks of the job.

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Static or dynamic? Level 3 flying and beyond

If you've recently become a proficient Level 1 and Level 2 flyer, then chances are you've been hanging out at the tunnel quite a bit. It would also be fair to assume then that you're pretty hooked?

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