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Why the world's best teams train in the wind tunnel

It’s interesting to look back and remind myself that when I started skydiving in 1992, wind tunnels didn’t even exist! It wasn’t until I joined the British Female Formation Skydiving team in 1999 that I got my first taste of tunnel flying at iFLY’s first ever facility in Orlando. We found that flying in the tunnel was so similar to the real thing, that we, along with many other national teams, scheduled our training camps in Florida, so that we could combine tunnel flying with skydiving. The plan paid off and we won the World Championships in Australia later that year. 

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Preparing for battle

In October of this year, I’ll be leading Team Volition, Britain’s Female Indoor 4-Way Formation Skydiving Team, on our travels to iFLY Montreal, Canada in October to compete at the World Indoor Skydiving Championships. Our goal is to improve on the bronze and silver medals we have won previously in Prague and Warsaw. It will be far from easy as we face stiff competition from the highly experienced and heavily funded French team.

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How I discovered the dream of Flight

Hi, my name is Emily King. I’m 8 years old and this is my story about how I came to live the dream of flight. 

It all started at Christmas when I was aged four. At that time, I only wanted two things; a multi-coloured pen and to be able to fly like Tinkerbell.

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Changing Lives: Glen and Al

For those of us who work in the business, the capacity of indoor skydiving to change lives is an endless source of inspiration. It’s a joy when we get to share that inspiration through national media, as was the case when BBC Breakfast’s sports reporter, Mike Bushell came to meet our great friends Glan Mills and Al Hodgson at iFLY Basingstoke recently.

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Flying on water

Dan Crawford, senior instructor at iFLY Basingstoke, recently experienced 'flying on water' during his stint on the Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas. Here's what he had to report:

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Meet iFLY UK instructor, Daisy Bradshaw

Daisy Bradshaw is the latest recruit at iFLY UK to prove that working as an indoor skydiving instructor is far from being an all male affair. Here's a brief introduction to Daisy and what she enjoys about life at the wind tunnel.

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Life as a Red Devil...and the military's first serving iFLY wind tunnel instructor

The Red Devils have been the UK’s most famous parachute display team since their formation in 1964. Since then the world of skydiving has seen some huge changes in equipment and training, making it more exciting and safer than it has ever been.

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iFLY Amazingstoke take bronze at the UK Nationals

Well, where do I start? I am unbelievably happy with the result of UK Nationals. Our team won a bronze medal after 4 rounds of flying. To achieve this result as a brand new team in our first competition together, is something we are all extremely proud of.

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