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Flying free from my disability

Imagine being sat in a wheelchair, day in, day out. Rigid, your body stiff and fixed. 

This is exactly how Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy has left me. I am in constant pain. My muscles are constantly contracting. Doesn’t sound like much fun does it? On top of this, I have a severe visual impairment.

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iFLY announces UK's first Inclusivity Ambassadors

This weekend, Glen Mills, from Derbyshire, was appointed as iFLY UK’s first Inclusivity Ambassador, championing indoor skydiving for those of all ages and all abilities. Glen, who celebrated her 85th birthday on Saturday, along with husband Brian, were presented with their Inclusivity Ambassador certificate, at a special event at iFLY Manchester.

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Staying Indoors

When the first commercial wind tunnels were built, they primarily served the needs of those who wanted to train and hone their skills for jumping outdoors. Fast forward twenty years or so and there's now a large group of folk who have now burning desire to fly outdoors, they just love the sport of indoor skydiving. Alison Hardy is one such person. Here's her story:

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What flying means to me - Al Hodgson

The first wind tunnel I ever flew in was Skyventure Orlando, I was on a skydiving trip with some friends, jumping at two drop zones in Florida, DeLand and Zephyr Hills. We were excited to try out this vertical wind tunnel thing that we'd heard of, and to see what all the fuss was about. People were saying that the future of skydiving will be different if these contraptions ever catch on, so we had to check it out for ourselves.

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Changing Lives: Glen and Al

For those of us who work in the business, the capacity of indoor skydiving to change lives is an endless source of inspiration. It’s a joy when we get to share that inspiration through national media, as was the case when BBC Breakfast’s sports reporter, Mike Bushell came to meet our great friends Glan Mills and Al Hodgson at iFLY Basingstoke recently.

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