Are YOU free in June, flexible and addicted to flight time?

If so, grab your Ultimate Flight Pass NOW

£180 gets you half an hour of tunnel time in June.

(You may buy more time if you wish)


  • Was £300. You save £120 

  • Fabulous value of £6 per minute 

  • Valid at iFLY Basingstoke, Manchester or Milton Keynes

  • All time must be flown by Friday 28th June



I'm in... how do I get a pass?

Call 0161 359 3867 or email and we'll run through all the details.

There's a limited number of these passes available. Offer will end when we've sold out.


Need to know stuff

  • Suitable for Returning flyers, Flight Club members and Skydivers only.
  • Pass valid at iFLY Basingstoke, Manchester, Milton Keynes only.
  • Pass purchased on a use-it-or-lose-it basis.
  • Flights must be flown by Friday 28th June 2019.
  • 72 hour bookability: Pass holders will see availability Monday - Friday for the following 3 full days.
  • All bookings are subject to availability:
  • For Milton Keynes & Manchester, between 0900 hrs - 2200hrs
  • For Basingstoke, between 0900hrs - 1900hrs (last flight time 1830hrs). 
  • Tunnel time may be shared with up to 3 additional flyers, but pass holder must be present.
  • Pass holder may bring a coach recognised by iFLY.
  • Once booked, flights may not be rescheduled, cancelled or refunded.
  • Spotting requests cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Limited passes available
  • Offer will end when we've sold out.

I'm ready to buy my pass...

Call  0161 359 3867 or email

Remember... there are only a limited number of these passes available and the offer will end when we've sold out.

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