Latest Info - We're flying

We have lift off... Finally!

iFLY Manchester, Basingstoke, and Milton Keynes are open and we're taking bookings.

You can book flights and see all live availability here.

If your flights were postponed during the forced closure, you can re-book them now. You will also have received an email from us with all the details on how to re-book. Should you have any other specific questions relating to bookings or purchases, please contact us.

Keeping you COVID safe

It'll come as no surprise that we've operated slightly differently since Covid came along to keep our staff and customers safe. If you are booked in or wish to fly in the future, you'll find some 'must-know'  information regarding your visit below.

We’ve also made a video highlighting our hygiene, health & safety protocols.

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Booked in? Must-know info before you arrive...

Complete your Waiver online

  • All waivers should now be completed in advance of your visit and you can do this here.
  • Your waiver now includes your essential training and induction so it's more important than ever to find time before your visit to do this. 

Arrive 40 minutes before your flight time

  • We are now asking customers to arrive 40 minutes before their flight time. 
  • This allows us to comfortably deliver an incredible experience in a safe & hygienic environment.
  • Please don't be late. If you are, you'll miss your flights. 
  • When planning your journey, please pay particular attention to the latest Government advice on travel.


  • Until further notice, we ask that there is no more than 1 spectator per flyer, providing that your total group size does not exceed 6 people.
  • Please check your local Government guidelines around who can socialise with. 

Bring the right stuff

  • Flyers and spectators aged 11yrs+ must arrive wearing a face covering.
  • Our tunnels operate using high-speed fresh air, so flyers will be asked to remove face coverings when participating in the activity.
  • However, they should be worn at all other times. This advice is in line with UK Government regulations.
  • As ever, please arrive in comfortable, casual clothing and lace-up trainers.
  • If you've used a voucher to book, please bring a hard copy to show our reception team. 

Please stay away if you have Covid-19 symptoms

  • If you have a fever, continuous cough, or have recently lost your sense of taste or smell, please stay at home and contact us to discuss rescheduling your booking.

Group sizes, and who to bring with you

Providing a COVID safe environment is our top priority at iFLY, and we are able to accommodate groups of up to 6 people.

At present, we can allow 1 spectator maximum per flyer, providing that your total group size does not exceed 6 people.


  • 2 flyers can bring up to 2 spectators
  • 5 flyers can bring 1 spectator
  • 6 flyers are unable to bring spectators

Again, please check your local Government guidelines around who you can socialise with. 

If iFLY is forced to close

In the event that iFLY if forced to close or reduce the number of people allowed onto the premises, we will contact you with as much advanced notice as possible. If you are affected by this, you may choose to (a) reschedule online free of charge at the next available time to suit you within the terms of the type of booking (ie: Anytime, off-peak or a promotion), or (b) receive replacement vouchers for the same experience which may be used in the future via our online booking system. iFLY is unable to offer refunds.

We urge all our customers to familiarise themselves with our full Terms & Conditions regardless of the nature of the booking. You may also email us on if you have any specific questions relating to Covid-19 or any other matters.