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We process personal data relating to those who apply for job vacancies with us or who send speculative job applications to us. We do this for employment purposes, to assist us in the selection of candidates for employment, and to assist in the running of the business. The personal data may include identifiers such as name, date of birth, personal characteristics such as gender, qualifications and previous employment history. We will not share any identifiable information about you with third parties without your consent unless the law allows or requires us to do so. The personal data provided during an application process will be retained for a period of at least six months or, if required by law, for as long as is required. This privacy notice does not form part of an employment offer or contract between us. If we make an employment offer to you, we will provide further information about our handling of your personal information in an employment context separately, in the form of an ‘Employee Privacy Notice’. You are able to view this prior to accepting any employment offer or request a copy of it at any time during the application process. If you would like to find out more about our data retention policy and how we use your personal data, you want to see a copy of the information about you that we hold or have any questions or issues regarding data protection, please email us with the subject “Data Protection Request”.

The information below is for iFLY Tunnel Instructor Applicants only:

Recommended fitness requirements for iFLY Instructors:

20 Meter Multistage Fitness Test (MSFT):

We recommend that all Instructor applicants are able to pass level 10 of the 20 Meter Multistage Fitness Test (MSFT). This is commonly known as the 20 Meter shuttle run test, beep or bleep test.

Pull Ups or Chin Ups:

For candidates that weigh:

Less than 150lbs (68 Kg) – Minimum of 10 pull ups are required.
Between 150lbs (68 Kg) and 180lbs (81 Kg) - Minimum of 8 pull Ups are required.
More than 180lbs (81 Kg) – Minimum of 6 pull ups are required

Pull ups or chin ups start with straight arms and end with touching the back of your neck to the bar or your chin to the top of bar.


To perform 20 burpees in a continuous 1-minute period.
The burpee is a full body exercise used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise.
The basic movement is performed in four steps, known as a "four-count burpee":

• Begin in a standing position.
• Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground (count 1)
• Kick your feet back, while keeping your arms extended (count 2)
• Immediately return your feet to the squat position (count 3)
• Jump up from the squat position (count 4)


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