The Icarus Flight School

In Association with The University of Southampton

£39.99 per pupil

You can’t get any more inspiring than being taught by a Lecturer of Astronautics at one of the UK’s leading Universities, who just so happens to be attempting to break 4 skydiving world records later this year!

We’re honoured to offer the services of Dr Angelo Grubisic and his team of aeronautics students. Angelo and his team have embarked on an extensive research programme in wingsuit and skydiving technology, with the aim of piloting a specially designed wingsuit to 4 world records later this year. Angelo will attempt to make the highest, fastest, farthest and longest (duration) of any wingsuit skydive ever attempted.

Not only that, he also wants to introduce your students and pupils to iFLY so that he can share his unrivalled passion and physics knowledge in a fun and friendly environment, for what will be an inspirational and unforgettable science lesson.

The Icarus Flight School can be tailored to suit ANY age group and here are the topics covered:

  • How wind tunnels work, including the power of the fans, why the air heats up, how air is cooled
  • Skydiving body positions and terminal velocity, including how skydivers control their flight and stability
  • How parachutes, pilot chutes & reserve chutes work and (critically) how they open
  • Audio visual and practical demonstrations of wingsuits and wing inflation
  • Aerodynamics, including lift & drag from a wingsuit pilot
  • Wingsuit glide ratios and wingsuit design considerations
  • Controlling a wingsuit in flight
  • What makes a record breaking wingsuit

Naturally, the lessons will also culminate in 2 unforgettable flights in our state of the art wind tunnel – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This world class science offering is available now – don’t miss out, get in touch today!

What’s included

The Icarus Project: £39.99 per person

  • Approx 1 hour interactive physics lesson with Dr Angelo Grubisic
  • All equipment supplied
  • 2 introductory flights - equivalent to 3 real skydives from 12,000 feet
  • Full instruction including class briefing
  • Flight equipment hire - flight suit, helmet and goggles
  • Personal flight certificate

Here's what some pupils have to say...

There is a 99.99999% chance I'm telling everyone about these lessons! Age 13, Year 8, Student at Bishop Challoner School - Basingstoke.
It was the best feeling ever. Dr Angelo was great and Dan our instructor was really nice. Age 14, Year 9, Student at Bishop Challoner School - Basingstoke.
It was the best thing ever!" Age 14, Year 9, Student at Bishop Challoner School - Basingstoke.


The small print

  • Available midweek, term time only – subject to availability
  • Dr Grubisic is an active lecturer at Southampton University. If he is unavailable on the day you wish to attend, a highly skilled member of his student research team will run the session
  • The Icarus Project sessions require a minimum of 10 pupils
  • All flyers will be required to complete our Statement of Risk before arrival
  • Flyers under 18 yrs of age must be accompanied by an authorised adult (over 18 yrs of age) on the day of flight
  • The authorised adult will be required to provide a signature, as well as attend the classroom briefing

What's next?

To find out more about The Icarus Flight School or to make a reservation, simply contact our friendly schools team on:

  • Basingstoke - 01256 305 294
  • Manchester - 0161 359 3864 
  • Milton Keynes - 01908 247773 

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