Experienced Skydivers

Skydivers and Pro-Flyers benefit from the lowest prices and best facilities 364 days a year.

We have a team of highly qualified (International Bodyflying Association) instructors and recognised coaches that can offer advanced training in Formation Skydiving (FS), Freeflying (FF), Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS) and & Dynamic Flying (D4W). You can also share your time with other skydivers making this the most economical way to train.


All our tunnels have been designed to accommodate the varied needs of Skydivers and Pro-Flyers alike. You’ll have access to:

  • Instant video playback facilities
  • Team rooms & practice creeper areas
  • Free gear hire
  • Lockers and free WiFi access

We have viewing areas for friends and family. Why not take a look around inside each of our tunnels below (on Google Maps).


Experienced Skydiver Prices
Flight Duration Off-Peak Prime Time
10 minutes (max 2 flyers) £130 £150
15 minutes (max 4 flyers) £185 £225
20 minutes (max 4 flyers) £210 £300
30 minutes (max 6 flyers) £300 £450
Over 60 minutes, max 12 flyers per hour and prices per hour
1 & 2 hours £600 £780
3 & 4 hours £585 £780
5 hours or more £570 £780

For all skydiver bookings please email skydive@iflyworld.co.uk 

Online skydiver bookings coming soon...


Bulk Time

Super User accounts are perfect for those who visit iFLY on a regular basis.

  • Get the most competitive rates available
  • Access to manage your bookings online
  • Unlimited validity

We have 2 accounts to choose from – Platinum secures our best possible rates.

Super User Prices
Account level Minimum spend Price band
Super Saver Off-Peak Prime Time
Gold £1,799 £9.00 £9.75 £13.00
Platinum* £2,799 £8.00 £9.50 £13.00


*Speak to our team when adding an additional £3,000 to a new Platinum account – you'll receive a 30 minute welcome block!

To set up a Super User account, please email skydive@iflyworld.co.uk 

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AFF Students

iFLY is perfect for anyone working towards their skydiving licence.

We offer AFF students:

  • 10 minutes of tunnel time + 2 minutes free
  • Use of our Tunnel Rigs
  • Free coaching
  • Instant video feedback

To further information or to book contact 0845 331 6549 or email skydive@iflyworld.co.uk

Pro-flyer enquiries