Want to join our Club?

18 June 2018

Written by: Nick Wake: Marketing Director, iFLY UK

How do you bridge the gap between those who have decided indoor skydiving is ‘their thing’, but who are not going to become what we call Pro Flyers i.e. skydivers who buy tunnel time on account to help them perfect their flying skills?

The answer for the team in the UK, has been to develop Flight Club; a membership programme that was borne out of looking at how other leisure business have evolved and then talking to potential members about how such a scheme should be developed to suit their needs.

During this discovery and development phase, we learned that Flight Club needed to avoid the nasty contracts that have such a bad name in the gym industry and the silly rules that might exist at a golf club. Okay, we’ll that’s easy enough! What it did need instead, was four essential components:


Flight Club gives members the best price for flight time, short of becoming a Pro Flyer. Once a member has completed their Return Flyer series, they are ready for Flight Club, though they are free to join earlier if they wish.


As far as possible, we enable members to stay with their instructor so that they can match their development with their own personal goals and ability. Instructor requests can be made in the Members area of the club portal and we do our very best to accommodate those requests.


Flight Club operates based on a member purchasing 10 minutes of flight time per month via direct debit. However, for some members this may be too much for them on their own, or they may not want or be able to fly every month. No problem. At the time of joining, up to three named family members can be attached to a membership and share the monthly flight time purchased. If flight time is not used in any given month, it can be rolled over.


Flight Club is all about having fun and becoming the best flyer you can be. That's what members can look forward to at our regular club member nights. Make new friends and join in the celebrations as fellow flyers receive their Wings. Whooping, hollering and high fiving are purely optional!

Flight Club makes us feel happy and excited when we know we are coming to iFLY. It was the right decision to join up, as we were wanting to come along to iFLY more frequently, but once I bought a voucher I would forget to book a session. Being in Flight Club means I am more focussed on getting the monthly sessions booked and can also take advantage of cheaper rates as and when they come along.

Samantha Gibbs – Flight Club member at iFLY Milton Keynes

Of course, there are heaps of other benefits to becoming a Flight Club member, almost too many to list, and we’ll happily chat them through with you if you’d like more information.

So, if you’re ready to join our club, just come on down, give us a call or follow the link and we’ll get you onboard.

Pic shows Samantha with left to right, husband Lee, iFLY General Manager Shane, son James and iFLY Assistant General Manager Sean